About me

"My work is from the most absolute love, for the truest love."
My name is Beatriz, I am a dreamer and creative person, in love above all with my family and friends and enthusiastic about happy moments, endless chats, complicit glances and details that touch the heart.
I am very fortunate to be married to the man of my life and to share with him this adventure that is living.
I am also a proud mother of three wonderful children and that is undoubtedly my biggest and best challenge.
As the restless person that I am, my head is always on new projects and full of illusions and that is how some years ago, after organizing my own wedding, I was aware of the importance of knowing how to organize an event and how special and rewarding it would be for me, to be able to develop this work, and there I started to train, now I have a degree in Protocol and Event Organization and a Master in Wedding Planner, in addition to a myriad of courses on everything related to weddings and events
I have been fortunate to work with many professionals in the industry and I know every ins and outs of this wonderful profession very well.
In the times we are living in and with all that is happening around us, more than ever, we must bet on enjoying happy moments with the people we love the most.
As the perfectionist that I am, I understand each of your concerns before an important event in your lives, and that is exactly what my job is about, to facilitate, advise and advise you from my experience and knowledge, making you part of every moment and detail of the planning and to enjoy it together.
For me, details make the difference, without a doubt, and that is why I put care and attention to each one of them.
For all this, I decided to create Mi Mundo Eventos, a company born from love, dedication and passion for this work, designed to make your wishes come true, and for this I have a wonderful team of professionals with whom we work side by side for you.